Why Exhibit with us

Welcome to The CAB Show, the most awaited and fabulous exhibition for the chocolate and bakery industry.

The Cab Show platform brings together the world’s leading chocolate and bakery manufacturers and suppliers, grain milling companies and refrigerators & freezing companies to showcase the latest designs, technologies and products. We are providing an excellent opportunity for networking, business development and learning about the latest trends and innovations in the chocolate and bakery industry.

We always believe in providing a unique opportunity for industry professionals to share knowledge, learn from each other and explore new business opportunities to grow your business and brand awareness in the industry. These exhibitions are open to all business professionals, from manufacturers and suppliers to end-users. We ensure that all participants can benefit from the networking and learning opportunities in the exhibition.

We have a dedicated team to ensure that our exhibition will reach the highest quality, providing a platform that meets the needs of all participants. We work closely with our exhibitors and partners to ensure that our events are well-organized, engaging and informative.

We are committed to promoting innovation and driving progress in the Chocolate and bakery industry. Our exhibitions play a vital role in promoting collaboration and knowledge-sharing. We are dedicated to supporting the development of new products and solutions that can drive the chocolate and bakery industry forward.

An Excellent Platform for Showcasing:

  • Baking ovens (Convection, Rotary, Deck & Rack)
  • Bakery & Bread Plants
  • Bread Slicers
  • Bun Dividers
  • Cookie Manufacturer  Machines
  • Packaging Machinery
  • Ovens / Microwave Ovens
  • Refrigerated Display Counters
  • Dough Sheeters
  • Planetary Mixers Baking Agents
  • Chocolate Manufacturers
  • Raw Materials
  • Bakery Enzymes
  • Chocolate & Finishing Ingredients
  • Partly Baked & Finished Products
  • Ice Cream Dispensers
  • Decorative Items & Baking Accessories
  • Clean & Hygiene Products
  • Laboratory & Measuring Equipment’s
  • Bakery / Cafe Furniture
  • Trays / Pans / Containers
  • Specialized Publications
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