Best 4 Upcoming Trade Shows in India 2023 

Best 4 Upcoming Trade Shows in India 2023 

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Before starting, we must clarify that trade shows are not old-fashioned. They are a necessary part of what pushes the business world to go around. The Upcoming Trade Show in India is still a very effective form of marketing to expand businesses.

Having the opportunity to be among the top companies in your Industry while they unveil their latest innovations in a collaborative and engaging environment is a professional experience that you must have at least once in your profession.

Trade Shows

A trade show is an exhibition event that brings companies together to demonstrate and launch their newest products and services to potential partners of the trade and other businesses within the Industry in an upcoming exhibition in India.

Upcoming exhibitions in Delhi 2023 are truly the viewing window to the next iteration, and those who can attend have an incredible leg up on their competition.

Every Industry nearly funds trade shows to create a buzz of business possibilities and excitement while obtaining key performers within a given Industry together to unite, learn, capture new fellows, and view what’s upcoming and trending.

A trade show is somewhat elusive, meaning it’s not typically open to the general public. Those who can follow the event are associates of the press, company spokespeople, and top professionals within the Industry the trade show is concentrated on.

At the trade show, attendees are given access to the latest technologies, unique features, great pricing, and helpful insights concerning the state of the Industry. Conversely, companies exhibit new offers and products or services and are given valuable time to build relationships, engage with the press, build brand awareness, gain leads, and close deals.

Advantages of attending the Upcoming TRADE SHOW in 2023

Trade shows are the greatest hub for exchanging business, meeting potential partners, and staying revised on what’s trending in the Industry. Getting out there and being current will not only help you remain informed but will also help you expand your business.

Further offering them an opportunity to market their businesses to others, trade shows also allow businesses to build relationships and share knowledge with industry professionals.

Types of trade shows

The trade show can suit several objectives simultaneously. Commonly, the trade is an opportunity for businesses to set up stalls at shows. An event lets your businesses launch new products and inform business enthusiasts about the brand, offers, and more. Here, businesses can gain a lot of immediate marketing opportunities to grow the business in the same Industry. Similarly, the stand representatives may gather visitor’s details for follow-ups after the trade show.

As we have discussed, trade shows mainly focus on a particular Industry. It is an opportunity to spread your business roots to your potential partners. There are 4 types of trade shows commonly held:

1. Technology Industry Trade Shows.

2. Manufacturing Industry Trade Shows.

5. Healthcare Industry Trade Shows.

6. Restaurant & Food Industry Trade Shows.

Top 4 Upcoming Trade Shows in 2023

# 1 The Choco and Bake Show (CAB Show)

The most awaited trade show will be organized in Delhi in 2023. The Choco and Bake Show will be organized by Instate Media on the 18th, 19th, and 20th of August at Pragati Maidan, and this exhibition would be outstanding for all business enthusiasts. It is a bunch of opportunities under one roof for the Chocolate and Bakery industry, Including exhibitors from Manufacturers, retailers, distributors, wholesalers, and packaging companies worldwide. The upcoming exhibition is in Pragati Maidan, Delhi.

The highest B2B exhibition in the Industry. The CAB show is an incredible opportunity for industries to connect and learn about technologies and innovations with other business enthusiasts. Here exhibitors Step into a world of business motivation as we get together the most useful of the industries. The organizing team includes experienced professionals eager about the sectors and devoted to encouraging significant relationships between businesses and their partners. This Trade show plays an essential role in the global economy and is dedicated to helping the growth and development of businesses.


1.With more than 5,000 attendees and more than 150 exhibitors anticipated.

2.To promote business, meet professionals, distributors, suppliers, and manufacturers.

3.Make arrangements for your stand and prepare to eat through The CAB Show’s chocolate and baked goods bounty.

#2 Food & Confectionery Show

The Food & Confectionery Show is India’s largest trade show for gifts, writing instruments, office supplies, gadgets, kitchenware, lifestyle, apparel, luggage, food, confectionery, attractiveness, health, and wellness industries. It has shown up as India’s driving and approved systems administration setting that mutually brings the whole scope of arrangements and permits for manufacturing plants, dealers, stockists, and corporate clients out and out in one spot to direct business. The giving and writing material industry has been rising hugely with the entry of numerous new members from India and abroad.

#3 HRC Expo (Hotel Restaurant & Catering Expo)

One of the main forces behind the development of India’s assistance sector has been the Indian tourism and hospitality sector. Like many other nations, tourism is a significant source of international trade in India. HRC Exhibition is a Global Presentation on Inn, Café and Cooking Items, Administrations, Pastry shop Hardware, and Advances and will draw in cooperation from nations, impacts exchange guests, and get colossal help from every one of the verticals of the food business.

#4 ANUFOOD India

Annapoorna “ANUFOOD India is the most effective platform for the Indian subcontinent’s food and beverage trade and retail needs. It will include Condition and Staple Food sources, Fine and Wellbeing Food sources, Saves, Flavours, Foods grown from the ground Items, Food Added substances and Fixings, Fish, Shellfish and Fish Items, New Food Items, Frozen Food Items, Frozen yogurt Items, Meat and Poultry, Etc.


We had discussed the Top 4 Upcoming exhibitions in Delhi 2023, where The Choco and Bake held the first rank for the year. Exhibitions are a way to break into the Industry to get opportunities to expand your business with experts.

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