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North India's first B2B Exhibition for <br>Chocolate and Bakery Industry

North India's first B2B Exhibition for
Chocolate and Bakery Industry
Join us at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi for an excellent exhibition experience in The CAB Show, get new potential clients for your Chocolate and Bakery products, connect with industry leaders and be inspired by the latest innovations across a range of Chocolate and Bakery industries in The CAB show. Hurry up!
Largest Chocolate and Bakery Exhibition
150+ Exhibitors | 5000+ Visitors
Don't miss the chance to connect with chocolate and Bakery industry leaders, showcase your products and services to potential partners, and get spread your business to the worldwide business market. Stay up-to-date with the latest trends at The Choco and Bake Show. Register now to secure your spot!
Welcome to The Choco and Bake Show!
Focused Exhibition On: Chocolate and Bakery Products
Let's build brand demand with industry leaders at The Choco and Bake Show at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. To capture the growing global chocolate market of $ 46.61 Billion and bakery market of $ 497.5 Billion

150+ Exhibitors

5000+ Business visitors

3300+ sq. mt. Exhibition Area

Global Exhibitor

About The Choco And Bake Exhibition In Delhi

The Choco and Bake show as know as THE CAB SHOW is not just an exhibition it is an emotion for Chocolate and the Bakery industry. Here, we are gathering all businesses under one roof so that exhibitors can build relationships and it can be beneficial to each other and grow their bakery businesses at a wider level by participating in The CAB Show at Pragati Maidan, Delhi. Instate media is giving you a chance to show your product performance to the targeted audience and enhance time value.


This  Show is an event where companies from the Chocolate and Bakery industry come together to exhibit their products, services and technologies to potential clients, partners and investors.
The purpose of the upcoming exhibition in Delhi is to showcase new products and innovations, promote brand awareness and establish new business relationships.


The CAB Show is a platform to showcase your product and service performance to your target audience. Here you can get genuine and potential clients for your business.

why exhibitors should visit the choco and bake exhibition In Pragati Maidan, Delhi

1. Showcase products: This Show is one of the largest trade shows for the Chocolate and Bakery industry, providing exhibitors with an excellent opportunity to showcase their latest products, technology and services to a wide range of other business needier.

2. Build Network: Exhibitors can meet with potential customers, suppliers and other professionals in the Chocolate and Bakery Industry. This can guide unique business options, collaborations.

3. What’s new: This Show is an excellent platform for exhibitors to learn about the latest trends and developments. Exhibitors can learn about new ingredients, flavors, technology and other innovations that can help them stay competitive in the market.

4. Brand exposure: In the upcoming exhibition in Delhi 2023, we are providing exhibitors to increase their brand exposure and market their products to a global audience. Exhibitors can also create brand awareness and loyalty by showcasing their products and interacting with attendees.

5. Education: Here, we offer a wide range of exhibitions all over India. Exhibitors can attend these sessions to learn about best practices, industry standards and new developments in their field.

Attending This Show provides exhibitors with an excellent opportunity to showcase their products, network with industry professionals, learn about new trends, increase brand exposure and gain a valuable education.

Exhibition focused on

We are presenting an exhibition that is taking place in India in the Chocolate and bakery industry. We have the right staff to represent the business and decide on new products and services to present their dairy products to potential partners. We provide an opportunity for Dairy and Bakery businesses to showcase their products, build relationships with industry experts, and stay updated with industry trends. This exhibition can allow the industry to demonstrate its latest products, equipment, and services to potential suppliers and distributors. To promote their business in this exhibition, dairy and bakery companies can adopt various strategies, including:- Sampling, Networking, meeting, Etc., which can generate interest and increase brand awareness.
The packaging industry is responsible for providing solutions to preserve Chocolate and Bakery products attractively and conveniently. Packaging not only helps to protect the products from external factors such as dust, moisture, and contamination, but it also serves as a marketing tool to attract business. An eye-catching packaging design can make a product stand out on the shelves. At this exhibition, packaging companies can promote the latest products and innovations in the packaging field. They may display a range of packaging options, such as boxes, bags, containers, and wrapping materials that are specifically designed to meet the needs of the Chocolate and Bakery industry.
The chocolate industry can expand its business in this exhibition as Choco is a popular ingredient in many products. Chocolate manufacturers and suppliers can participate in this exhibition and introduce new flavours and varieties to industry experts. At this exhibition, chocolate companies display innovative products through displays, samples, and demonstrations. They may also offer educational sessions. On the use of Chocolate in baking and pastry making, as well as provide information on the latest trends in the industry. The chocolate companies can collaborate with industries in this exhibition in India, such as Chocolate equipment manufacturers and ingredient suppliers.
The sugar industry can also expand its business with industry stakeholders and investors in The Choco and Bake Show. We offer a platform for the sugar industry to present its brand, generate leads, network with industry professionals, and enhance its business revenue by participating in this event. An ideal platform for companies to show new technologies and innovations. Companies can demonstrate their new technology and provide insights into how it can benefit their partners. This exhibition provides a great opportunity for sugar industry professionals to network with peers and establish new business contacts. It helps to build new relationships and collaborations within the industry.
The Role of Ingredients & Flavours in exhibitions can vary depending on the specific event and the goals of the participating companies. However, some common roles that Ingredients & Flavours play in exhibitions include Exhibitors from the Ingredients & Flavours industry can use the exhibition to promote their latest products and innovations to potential customers and partners. This exhibition would generate interest and create new business opportunities. As mentioned earlier, exhibitions allow exhibitors in the Ingredients & Flavours industry to network and connect with other businesses.It would be a great path to help build relationships and create new business partnerships.

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